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Get ready to receive your breakthrough today.


Are you ready to go higher, live freer and be happier? If so, I say, welcome home.
I welcome you to immersive learning, conscious community and authentic connections to help you flourish in life and flourish in love. Your birthrights of freedom, courage and peace will be reclaimed. I am honored to be on this journey of wholeness with you.

Flourish In Relationships

Relationships are our greatest source of pleasure and pain. Learn how to heal relationships and develop healthy communication that enables relationships to flourish. Learn to release old wounds, traumas, soul-ties, pain and confusion.

Embrace Your Worth

The entire function of our being, our thoughts and our choices are directed by our opinion of self. Worthiness creates spiritual completeness and wholeness, and empowers us to live from the inside out. Embracing worthiness empowers us to take back the reign of our lives.

Discover and Fulfill Your Purpose

Through inspired teachings in the areas of mental, physical, financial and spiritual abundance, we empower you to release limiting thoughts and false beliefs and replace them with new truths that empower you to fulfill your purpose..

Breakthrough Experiences, led by Shannon Evette

Author, Teacher, Spiritual Leader

1. Community

Join my Inner Court communities where we go deep in transformative coaching, sacred teachings, and be surrounded by like-minded people on the same journey.

2. Spiritual Retreats

I lead hundreds of women on retreats several times a year to go deeper in spiritual teachings, accelerated healing, and supernatural revelations

3. Books

Learn how to go deeper in your purpose and walk worthy of your calling through my book titled ‘Worthy’ .

4. Events

Meet me on my upcoming tour, speaking engagements, and conferences in your local city coming soon.

What one word describes your life today? Transform your life into one of satisfaction and joy. Stop resisting. You are going to hit obstacles — whether it is negative people or circumstances. Instead of resisting, move in a different direction. Are you at a crossroad? Through one-on-one coaching, learn how to advance and accelerate your personal growth.

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Ready to reclaim your truth? 

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