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Are you ready to go higher, live freer and be happier? If so, I say, welcome home.
I welcome you to immersive learning, conscious community and authentic connections to help you flourish in life and flourish in love. Your birthrights of freedom, courage and peace will be reclaimed. I am honored to be on this journey of wholeness with you.

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I coach hundreds of women through intuitive coaching to go deeper in spiritual teachings, accelerated healing, and supernatural revelations.

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Honor your worthiness and right to live a life that reflects freedom, abundance and supernatural grace. Make your wholeness a priority.

I invite you to join The Worthy Tribe, a free lifestyle, learning, and coaching community where I’ll share transformational wisdom from my decades of teaching on self-worth, spiritual growth, and inner healing. 

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The WORTHY RADIO podcast nurtures a vibrant community of brave spiritual seekers, devoted to evolving in love, destiny, freedom, and faith. Within this radiant community, we learn to master the self-care habits required to transcend self-doubt, and unworthiness to co-create a life that shines with destiny and soul-level-harmony. Daily, we choose to honor rather than reject and close our hearts. We want to heal our relationship with ourselves and develop a deeper intimacy with our Creator.

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