Get Gangster About Your Breakthrough


My mother grew up in South Central LA… Watts to be exact.

My mother excelled in education, secured advanced degrees and even worked for some of the top judges, doctors and Fortune 500 companies, both as a certified mediator and in the field of industrial psychology.

She speaks with the elegance and eloquence of a refined and well-educated woman. But don’t get it twisted… if you push her, South Central will rise!

Cross her in a particular way and her grace goes a little GANGSTER.

I remember when I was younger, when one of our cousins came over to visit. Well, this cousin, unbeknownst to my Mom at the time, was doing crack. He stole my Mom’s brand new VCR.

This was back when VCRs were exclusive and expensive. My mother heard that he’d sold it to an old neighborhood dealer in exchange for drugs. So, in true gangster fashion, my mother came home from work, took off her designer clothes, put her hair back into a ponytail and drove to Clovis Avenue.

Since my mother had folks informing her about my cousin’s activities, she knew the exact house to enter. She boldly walked in with authority, announced the VCR was stolen from her, snatched it out of the wall of the dope dealer’s bedroom and triumphantly returned home that with what was rightfully hers!

We all thought my Mom was stone-cold-crazy..! She was.  We thought she’d lost her mind..! She had.  We thought she looked like a mad-woman, half-possessed…! She did. But we all have triggers, and back then, if my Mom felt violated in a particular way, she had zero fear of entering into even enemy territory to take back her stuff.


When adrenaline is high, women have been known to lift 2,500-pound cars and snatch VCR’s right out of the crack house! My Mom taught me years ago, whether it’s an outfit you’re wearing or new territory you’re entering, if you act like you OWN it, no one will question you.

We have been given dominion!

We have spiritual authority in high places. We have the ability to supernaturally co-create with God. Yet how often do we bow down in fear and timidity rather than rise in the holy rage required to say “how dare you!!!?”

How often do we declare with ownership, boldness and authority…I’m taking back my stuff!!


“I am NOT AFRAID…I was born to do this.”                                                                                                                                 – Joan of Arc (Age 14)

All fluffy language aside, who is ready to go and get their STUFF!?

Marriages will happen this year, wealth will be reclaimed this year! Visions will birth, healing will occur! Businesses will explode into seven figure status!

Peace, prosperity and clarity of thought will be reclaimed!

Count this as a holy invitation to fellow Warrior Queens… RISE! I’m speaking to women not afraid of the battle!  Women who can give God a war cry! Women willing to shout, declare, decree, enter in and TAKE back what belongs to THEM!

Sunday School taught us to view God in a cartoonish, white-man in a rocking-chair in the clouds way. We imagined angels as sweet baby angels and chubby cherubims…  But angels were gangster.

They fought. They killed. They SLAYED their enemies with legions, formation and strategy. We have allowed our enemies of unworthiness, complacency, shame, fear and self-doubt to kill, steal and destroy our dreams, our destiny, our legacy.

Now is the time for warrior queens and sacred rebels to rise… Those who don’t mind being radical about their breakthrough.  This message is NOT for everyone, I know this in my core.

It is ONLY for those who are in holy fatigue, divine exhaustion, glorious desperation, those willing to tear down stronghold to bind the thief and to loose the promises of God. Those willing to stand and activate Matthew 18:18 by binding what needs to be BOUND and loosing what needed to be loosed!

Those willing to join in unity with a sisterhood marching in to reclaim what’s ours. Our purpose. Our money. Our visions. Our families. Our wholeness. Our LOVE.

Dear Sis,

It’s time to take back your stuff.

Rise and Reclaim.

Press in and enter.

Declare and decree.

Shout and get ready to see unprecedented breakthrough.

…in other words, go get your VCR back baby!!!

Blessings and LOVE,


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  • Kiara Mitchell

    My season!!! I’m taking back everything that I stole from myself in the past (when you’re your own enemy)… Mental/spiritual confidence that I AM WHOLE, COMPLETE, LACKING NOTHING…! Thank you for this reaffirmation. <3

  • KarLaLa

    I love yo momma! Yes! I’m in your house! WHAT?!? GIMME MY STUFF! LOL💕🙌❤

    Ms. Shannon, it took me a while but I’ve finally surrendered. Stopped fighting Him now I’m fighting with Him. I am truly in holy fatigue, divine exhaustion and glorious desperation.
    I’ve been so busy trying to just ‘fit in til my time comes. But no matter how you hide, the enemy knows whose you are and Who is in you.
    When I first started working at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison Dec 1997, I had NO IDEA what kind of training I was going to experience. That’s how I look at it now. I remember my first week walking down the main Admin bldg. hallway as an older white woman (full of lust and mischief HEAVY) and an older Mexican woman ( the dopey go along, just so she can be in ‘the clique’) passed me as they walk to the cafeteria together. Right before they passed me, I heard the white lady tell the other, “Look at that shitty as grin on her face”. That was the beginning…
    I look at myself in the mirror now…I’m 100 pounds heavier…and jaded. Ready for Jesus to come cause I’m tired.
    But the Lord keeps showing me other women like me…being tormented in toxic and/or demonic work environments.

    When you’re in a heavy environment it’s suffocating. And depending on other factors 1) There are few other Black women to talk to…and they are…Happy on the Plantation…so…😒 2) All the Black men seem to be looking for any woman that’s not Black 3) The area I work in is smaller than the inmates cells 4) Many of the supervisors and managers who have NO people skills at all MICROMANAGE cause their INSECURE. 5) JEALOUSY AND ENVY abound like crazy…and we know what the Word says about that.

    I just had a good cry when I got home. I’m realizing I haven’t been in fear…it’s ANGER! Repressed anger! From the time I started working there I knew the energy was funky. And just like those demons said to Jesus…’What are you doing here, it’s not our time’

    I had asupervisor tell me, “I think people mistake you CONFIDENCE for ARROGANCE”. Little did they know, it didn’t take long for me to hate getting out of bed to travel 20 miles each way to sit in that cesspool. What they say was my Holy game face. Me and my ex used to pray and read the Word every morning because we knew what we were dealing with.
    Even when I was in rehab, I almost got kicked out cause this counselor was ALWAYS on me. Finally when I broke down and cried one day, to her grinning satisfaction, she admitted, “I thought you were coming here to start some shit” I had NO IDEA what she was talking about, although I knew she wasn’t who she seemed and she probably felt it. Well after I got out she ended up being fired for extortion. LOL Not laughing at her, laughing at how naiive I’ve been about the ‘greater is He Who is in me’ 🙌

    I’ve had another Christian co-worker he was threatened. “We heard about you don’t be bring that stuff over here”

    I had another co-worker walk behind me as I’m busy with my head down typing, take her middle finger, flick me really hard on the back of my ear, look me steady in my eyes as she walked past and say, “You know you’re vulnerable.” IT WASN’T HER WHO SAID IT.
    I was written up because I got tired of hearing the beloved loud mouth of the office assassinate another person’s character. One too many “stupid”, “idiot”, “worthless”. Finally I looked her dead in her eyes and said “What are you PRICELESS??” And because she talked loud and I had to talk louder…I was apparently screaming. What she did…was apparently ok. Yet an inmate says to my whole office out loud “We’re Mexican! We work hard! We’re not Moreno’s! (Black) NOT ONE PERSON IN MY OFFICE CHECKED HIM. Usually inmates are seen and not heard. So…I wrote a memo…and now he knows we work hard too BOOM!

    LOL…I love you Ms Shannon. I thank God for your ministry it has breathed new life in me like nothing ever has. Now I’m doing my do diligence to be a TRUE 2Tim2:15 student. ( I always loved the fact that’s my BDay 2/15/73. I KNOW He expects me to grind cause I love the Word so. I’m excited again like back in’93 when I had my first son. I can read it like a novel💞) The Word has been a GREAT COMFORT to me. But life, bad decisions…and getting older have taken it’s toll…but now I feel that scripture coming alive for me.

    I’m praising and crying everyday like “Yes, Lord I know you got me so…would you like fries with that? You want me to cry for that? For those women to break through, cry for my co workers who I pray help me forgive them for they know not what they do. They don’t understand that they are empty and allowing all these spirits of anger, rage, jealousy, Antichrist to use them as puppets.

    I’m ready to run…with tears in my eyes cause I know, when we meet His needs, He meets ours🙌

    Sorry I took up so much space but I know you understand. Ihad to let it out, I’m purging and getting clarity. IT’S YOUR FAULT FOR BEING SO MOTIVATING!!! LOL

    ☮Peace&LoVe💞 Karla La Shawn

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