GIFTED Mastery Immersion


Do you feel the Shift? The urge to BREAK free from the chains of tradition and religion? The desire to go deeper into unity with the Holy Spirit and NEXT REALM of Reawakening? It’s time to UNLEASH Your Gifting! The Great AWAKENING has Arrived! The GIFTED Mastery Immersion Course guides you to live in ONENESS Covenant with God, activate the Consciousness of Christ, live with the liberty of BEING a “new creation”, take hold of spiritual POWER and authority, and inspire healing on this earth.

The time is NOW for God’s GIFTED to prosper wildly and build empires that are love-infused and spirit led. The time is NOW to create a lifestyle that affords you time to grow, develop, protect and sharpen your spiritual gifts to live in ONENESS covenant with God. The time is NOW to activate the Consciousness of Christ and LIVE with the liberty of BEING a “new creation”.   Through the GIFTED Mastery Immersion course, you will learn how to demonstrate, through spiritual POWER and authority, the signs, wonders, and manifestations of revelation knowledge, love and healing on this earth. You will learn how to stop playing small and use your VOICE and supernatural GIFTS to bring healing and wisdom to this generation. This transformative course on the spiritual gifts will also allow you to:

  • *BREAK the chains of tradition and religion and go DEEPER into unity with the Holy SPIRIT and NEXT REALM of reawakening
  • *Take intentional care of your soul and cultivate your MIND in higher consciousness and core biblical principles
  • *UNLEASH your gifting and activate your calling to prove that God’s POWER and presence are moving in and through you on the earth

God is calling... our surrendered “yes” simply means we acknowledge, with all humility, that we are Divinely OUTMATCHED. The calling is more powerful than our past pain. The calling is STRONGER than our false fears or feelings of inadequacy. We are unfolding, unveiling, expanding and going through continual change. Count yourself among the CHOSEN, because you are giving your surrendered YES to the calling...It’s time to go deeper within and learn the territory of the soul, and go higher accepting the NEW MIND and NEW CREATION of our being in Christ. I am SO excited and looking forward to God’s BEAUTY and truth FLOWING through you into this world in NEED of power, peace and LOVE… Let’s prepare our hearts, minds and BODIES to enter BOLDLY into the Supernatural REALM of the GIFTED!

The GIFTED Mastery Immersion Course starts with an opening session titled, "The Power of Unity" with Shannon Evette and includes 9 powerful, transformative lessons:
  • *Ripe and Ready: Understanding the 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit with Courtney Parker
  • *12 Biblical Crystals. 12 Kingdom Revelations with Paula Hudson
  • *The Cost Of The Mantle: Owning Your Past and Your Calling with Haskel Jackson
  • *Living a Life of Spiritual Authority and Confidence with Jan Martin
  • *Emotional Healing and Spiritual Expansion with Essential Oils by Fatima Lowe Williams
  • *50 Ember Fire: Igniting The Gifts of the Spirit One Day At A Time with Kadesh Conroy
  • *Owning Your Authentic Truth and Giftings with Danielle Truitt
  • *The Power of Living in the Divine Feminine Flow with Kim Bady
  • *Uncage Your Voice with Byron Davis

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