The Daily Spiritual Practice to Create a Life of Bold FREEDOM, Purpose, Clarity, and Love. YOU are WORTHY to LIVE Whole. We must have the courage to place a demand on what we desire to manifest! Join us in this vital and sacred self-care practice; witness true HEALING begin. At Jesus and Therapy, we believe that our purpose is to grow daily. As we grow in emotional intelligence, self-awareness and intimacy with God, we create an experience that is a reflection of our authentic and genuine voice and calling. We stop avoiding ourselves. We stop apologizing for BEING who we are. We feel and live better. We GROW.

Jesus and Therapy is a bold, fully-embodied and transformative approach to inner-peace A no-holds-barred experience about how therapy works in alignment with the Spirit of God’s grace.” - Genine Wilson ( Contributor)

In everyone’s life, there comes a time where you are just unable to handle things alone, Jesus and Therapy is an effective and potent alternative to private, one-on-one therapy.” - Dr. Glenna Anderson

As times speed up and evolve, we are facing and confronted with more in 24-hours than our ancestors were in a full calendar year. More and more seekers are turning online to seek help, and well, that’s a mixed bag, with self-proclaimed gurus and “spiritualists” popping up everywhere. We are targets of spiritual predators and vampiric energy. We lack the spiritual discernment tools and scientific healing methods that work! We are exhausted and overloaded on the information. We still require revelation about exactly HOW to heal our lives. In the Jesus & Therapy Course, we explore the following pivotal concepts:

  • *How do we silence the voices of shame in our heads?
  • *How do we live with vulnerability and authenticity?
  • *How do we live with more profound clarity?
  • *How do we cultivate our faith to live in God’s highest purpose and calling?

Heart-centered and upbeat, this group demystifies therapy and celebrates God’s grace through understanding the human spirit."
- Pamela Gunn (Songwriter, Activist, Educator)

Did I not pray hard enough? Why am I still struggling? Maybe I’m being punished? I don’t want them to think I’m weak. I don’t want to be a burden. If God loves me why don’t I feel His healing or His voice? These are many of the questions that have plagued people of faith locked into the false religious belief that we cannot approach wellness from a holistic point of view. We rise about religious perfectionism and shame to embrace grace and the process our healing requires. Our community is God-led, God-fed, God-inspired and God-instructed. We bring both the science of certified therapists and the sound ancient biblical wisdom under one roof to help you heal from past abuse, anxiety, repressed trauma, and unexpressed passion and purpose.

Explains the deeper principles of biblical healing in powerfully and practical, no-nonsense terms while simultaneously providing hope to former therapy skeptics like me. I am NOW a believer! We all need Jesus and Therapy!” —Lauren Martin, Founding Partner, Millennial Leaders Network

After the spiritual breakthrough, HOW do we walk through it? In this professionally facilitated, private wellness community you will be equipped with the transformational teaching, biblical healing revelations and proven scientifically and alternative therapy tools to Master your mind and achieve a powerfully peace-filled life.

What Will I Learn?
Over the 7-week Jesus and Therapy practice Journey you will learn:

  • *Overcoming self-harming compulsive and habitual behavior patterns.
  • *Learn the difference between sadness, grief, and sorrow. Learn how to have a healthy relationship with your emotions.
  • *Understand the difference between holy rage and destructive anger.
  • *Deepen in your communication skills by learning how to communicate your feelings with confidence, kindness, honesty, and clarity.
  • *How to overcome betrayal, powerlessness, low-self-esteem, and blocks to authentic intimacy with God and others.
  • *How to master the tyranny of over-thinking, silencing the enemies of “sin” and shame.
  • *Learn your core style of relating and stand in the wholeness of your God-given identity.
  • *Integrate your personality and spiritual being into the essence of wholeness.
  • *Heal your core mother wound/father wound and root rejection issues.
  • *Accept your God-given worth and value and walk with confidence.
  • *Gain powerful strategies for healing sexual abuse, haunting memories and childhood trauma.

How Does It Work?
7-Week Mindset Renewal and Spiritual Wholeness - LIVE Group COACHING and THERAPY Sessions will help you:

  • *Develop wholesome boundaries and effective communication in relationships.
  • *Discover and walk in your God-given calling.
  • *Discover principles for clearing spiritual traumas (church wounding to condemnation, religious fear, spiritual striving, and perfectionism.)
  • *Stand in the fullness of your emotional, spiritual and mental healing.

How Does It Work?

You will receive digital access to the lessons instantly when you purchase this course. Each lesson is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you desire. You will be able to take the lessons at your own pace and they will conveniently remain at the page link delivered to you for easy access. 

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