"Destiny In The Desert" led women to journey to Sedona, AZ for a time of healing, rebirth, and a supernatural activation of our gifts. With full immersion into spiritual study and divine teaching, we experienced strongholds being broken and renewal with a village of women who are ascending to a new dimension.

During retreats we can heal things that might take decades to process in therapy, which is one of the many reasons why participating in retreats needs to be a regular part of every woman’s life.” – Sara Avant Stover (Author, The Book of SHE)

1. Immersion

Get fully immersed in spiritual teaching to increase knowledge, rapid growth, and rest as you experience accelerated elevation in your gifting.


Experience strongholds being broken, be empowered with science and scripture, and get freed up from pain and codependency.

3. Healing

Heal from addiction to mediocrity and a disconnected heart and mind. Shed your emotional and physical weight in transformative ways.

4. Community

Renew and recharge with a village of women who are ascending to a new dimension and answering their highest calling and purpose.

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