Rewrite Your Script


We can choose at any moment to rewrite or redirect the story that is unfolding in and through us. – Shannon Evette


A while ago, I visited the place where I grew up. It had been a while since I had visited this place; I had been avoiding this return for a while. Why? Well, this was the place that I was hurt in my life, experienced trauma and created memories that I did not want to revisit. So, I stayed away.

Have you ever been there?

We hide from our fears and tears, we avoid the memories that pierce our souls. Yet, somehow the old pain persists until our soul leads us to face the hurt…and finally, heal.

When I returned to this place, I decided to rewrite my story.  Instead of recalling all of the hurtful things of the past that I’d experienced in that place, I recalled the beautiful moments that I had experienced.  It was the place where I’d grown up. It was the place where I’d shared laughs and where the seeds of my calling were planted. I began to show gratitude for the beauty beyond the pain.

When we take the pen back and begin to script our story, we will no longer find ourselves so easily triggered, heightened emotionally, and lacking in self-mastery.

We begin to reframe a life based on the higher energies of appreciation, gratitude and grace.

We learn to transmute and transform old pain into new purpose and prosperity.

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