REBIRTH 21 Day Detox


Do You NEED Energetic and Spiritual House Cleaning? Many of us are feeling an excitement brewing within, a natural anticipation of our NEW beginning. We are READY to clean house spiritually, physically and energetically. We desire to simplify our lives and live with more freedom and ease. We are ready to shed the weight physically and emotionally. We are going beyond the wanting and waiting on our change to actively participating in our miracle by moving forward.

Potential and power reveal itself in motion, yet many of us feel blocked, stagnant, unclear as to what our next steps need to be in order to heal, change and accelerate the manifestation of our promise. Setting aside time to cleanse and detox brings forth an intuitive inner knowing within the feminine heart; we expand, stretch out, cleanse, purge, let go and make space for our NEW. We are preparing our hearts, minds and souls to receive. In this spirit of release, rebirth and spiritual renewal, we offer a 21 day detox as our REBIRTH cleanse to begin this life-elevating journey.

Take the courageous choice to invest in this sacred time of soul-level transformation and rebirth. In this course, you'll experience mind, body, and soul level cleansing including:

  • MIND Cleanse – Removing the limiting beliefs, distractions and mental clutter blocking inner-peace and destiny.
  • HEART Cleanse - Breaking the grip of past lovers, healing the heart energy and creating space for new, higher and extraordinary love.
  • BODY Cleanse - High vibrational eating for weight loss, deeper intuition and pure energy.
  • WORD PURGE and POWER- Learning the high-vibrational words and language needed to reset our lives and manifest our breakthrough.
  • Energetic and Spiritual House Cleansing - Protecting your energy from draining people and emotional frequencies. Learn biblical and advanced spiritual principles for house cleaning, clearing and space restoration.
  • Detox and Reflection and Rituals - Supercharge your clarity and connection with God through deeper intimacy with your intuitive heart.

How Does It Work?

You will receive digital access to the 21 day lessons instantly when you purchase this course. Each lesson is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you desire. You will be able to take the lessons at your own pace and they will conveniently remain at the page link delivered to you for easy access. 

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