A Prayer For The Men We Love…

I wrote this prayer today, I pray it blesses you and that you may add it to your spiritual arsenal.



Dear God, may I not react to his flaws, but through Divine intuition recognize his need.

May I extend him grace with the same patience and mercy that you extend it to me…

God, even if I’m not always happy, may this relationship make me holy.

Let the offenses purify the vanity of my pride and the hidden motives of my ego.

Guard my tongue, may my words not manipulate or wound, but bless, inspire and restore.

GIve my heart the vision to see him the way You do.

I pray not to be quick to speak my opinion, but to pause first and seek Your understanding.

Allow me to be his safe place, as You are mine.

I pray that instead of picking up the phone to put my mouth on him, that I would fall to my knees and put my faith on him.

Teach me deeper mercy and discernment for his hidden, unhealed traumas, unexpressed insecurities and unspoken anxieties.

Help me to not make selfish demands of him from a place of neediness or unworthiness but rather flow in my purpose with focus and freedom, that we may build together in prosperity.

I refuse to align my beliefs with the low-vibrational, fear-based, selfish-frequency of the conditional love this world teaches. I discern the distractions.

He is the spiritual mirror I chose to reflect what needs healing and growth in me.

These lessons are mine to learn, own, master and keep.

No matter what he does or does not do, let me not be moved, teach me to independently hold and nurture my peace in You.

I detach from foolish obsessing, in my expectations of him, and pursue the highest calling for my life.

God grant me grace, strategy and power.

May I go beyond the knowledge of how to love, into the bravery and wisdom required to daily walk in Your love.

I accept this Holy challenge to love him like You do.

In Jesus name.


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