Do You Know How to Love Your Man Like God Does?

I had a deep conversation with my teaching partner, Melinda Williams, two days ago, it was about love, more specifically, the way we love our men. In the middle of our talk she said: “Shannon, we need to ask God to show us how to love these men like He does…”


Wow! That hit home. I immediately started praying that prayer over the man I love and the three Kings I am raising. Tears flowed as did repentance.


Divorcing three-years-ago, after a 17-year marriage, I had a story. My version of the story. It painted me in many ways as the victim and martyr and yet, when a relationship reaches Holy completion, the ONLY lessons we can grow from are the ones we acknowledge and OWN.


The truth is, I didn’t always love from TRUTH. Often times I loved from the deception of my old wounds, selfishness and the vanity that creates an addiction to being disappointed by a man.


Towards the end of my marriage I loved from obligation, resentment and fear rather than the freedom that God offers when love’s wisdom guides us to let go and walk away…


I didn’t know how to love like God does.


Yet the amazing thing about God, is no matter how our relationships end, if we choose to transmute the pain into purpose, we gain: Wisdom. Strength. Courage. Humility. POWER.


This expansion of our souls carries us into the next relationship, this internal beauty remains ours. Forever.


We don’t always have living examples of how to love with Divine love. A love that casts out all fear.


A love that is SOURCE-centered rather than man or self-centered.


A love that doesn’t seek to CONTROL the outcome, but rather transform the soul of the giver…


We often love with impatient and self-protective motives that serve the damaged parts of our souls rather than the Supernatural Source of our being.


We love from a lust to get our needs met, rather than a love that sacrifices self to serve.


We take charge with our masculine energy rather than unveil the beauty and strength of our feminine vulnerability.


We shrink and enable with cowardice instead of calling our men up higher with the intuitive power of our Godly wisdom.


We distance our hearts from God when we make a man our source.


With all that we do right as women, we often do love WRONG.


My prayer is that God teach me how to love the way He does.


This is a daily surrender.


A way of loving not to gain from a man, but to give my all to God.


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