Supernatural Weight Loss

The Key To Supernatural Weight Loss


So many miraculous weight loss, wellness and healing testimonies over the years have taught me one thing…with God ALL things are possible. Even that stubborn 20 pounds that’s lingered for years, can be released instantly once a decision is made. The decision that changes everything is to tap into the divine discipline and ancient eating truths as a foundation of our foundation for weight loss.


Our weariness, overwhelm and self-neglect is met with a glorious invitation to be made NEW, to let go of the inner-weight and shed the outer-weight, not through rigid, fad-based- irresponsible diet trends but through accepting our spiritual wisdom.


We can lay this burden down and and receive our inner-peace, we can exchange our excuses and accept our God given power over the magnetic pull of food addiction and overeating. We can show ourselves grace, mercy and kindness along the way. We can embrace our bodies and our faith. We can vow to stop struggling with ourselves from the ego and OPEN our hearts to receive God’s redemptive LOVE that will reveal itself body, mind and soul.


Many of us are trying to correct calories rather than surrender our hearts, we are searching for the next quick diet fix instead of looking within to God for a lasting cure… The power of faith, love and wisdom when combined with new habits of movement and eating will cause us to rise in reverence and greater self-respect. We are HUNGRY, yes, but aren’t we hungry for CHANGE? For clarity about our deepest desires, for breakthrough, for passion, for authentic-soul-connections in life? We are hungry for purpose and LOVE, we are hungry for the kind of deep respect and sacred satisfaction that saturates our lives when we walk in focused discipline towards our desires.


We let the lessor things die so that the greater may live. Our SOULS are HUNGRY to live, in fullness, in richness, in FREEDOM over the bondage of inconsistent weight, constant dieting and chronic overeating.


The comfort of food may last a moment, the CALLING of God to honor our Body temple is the choice of of a LIFETIME. You are WORTHY to release the weight and receive the WHOLENESS and liberty you desire and deserve, we can taste right now, and SEE that God is good and satisfy our souls with richness from within, shedding this weight, unveiling the next level of our freedom, worthiness and LOVE…


Join me on a journey of supernatural weight loss this Wednesday by clicking here.

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