Supernatural Weight Loss

What Are You Really Hungry For?


How much of our daily eating is prompted by external and emotional triggers, vs. true internal hunger? Weight decreases with consciousness. When we eat from TRUE hunger rather than blind habit, when we ask ourselves, “WHY am I eating?”, we might be surprised to learn that the majority of our eating if we have struggled with weight is NOT physical hunger at all. It is a host of other factors, spiritual, mental, emotional, habitual that cause us self-inflicted harm.  God made our bodies and divinely engineered them to regulate our weight through the call of physical hunger. The problem is, we get the wires crossed, the signals confused. We may find ourselves reaching for food, opening the fridge eight or nine times a day without questing “WHY?” When we bring a level of consciousness to our eating, we learn to discern the difference between physical hunger, emotional hunger, spiritual hunger and plain ole appetite.


We learn to go within and seek to understand the greater depths of our souls. WHAT am I hungry for? We pause before moving impulsively and realign our reach for food to honor God’s original design for weight-maintenance. Our relationship with food is a mirror for our relationship to life itself.  Often times it is the inner-weights of unworthiness, fear, unforgiveness and anxiety that cause us to reach for food, yet this temporary comfort cannot compare to the lasting wealth that comes from living whole, free and with dynamic self-temperance.


When we rise in Divine discipline, and learn how to discern our true hunger we disrupt a cycle of brokenness, we evolve, we HEAL.


The rapid and SUPERNATURAL weight loss we will experience when we learn to discern the difference between appetite and true hunger is simply a gracious by-product of God’s original design for our Body Temple.


Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully engineered by a MASTER artist, when we surrender our eating, our pain, our past shame and trauma to the transformative inner-work of grace, we can rise from this former shell, padded with excuses, pain, delays and denial and RISE victorious over our inner-need to self-destruct through overeating and compassionately learn to  fully embrace the beauty and wholeness of our truth. For over a decade as a pioneer in the faith-based-weight loss movement, I served women and men from all over the globe in the area of supernatural weight loss, people who’d tried EVERYTHING, to lose weight and keep it off to no avail, people who desperately wanted to create a BIGGER and deeper story for their life than their issues with food and weight, people who were so hungry for CHANGE that they were willing to try the one thing that had never crossed their minds before…FAITH.


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