Embracing Your Worth

Embracing your worth is an act of faith, humility and raw courage. Refusing to shrink into the shadows of life honors the creative glory and genius God desires to reveal through your life. Living with a goal of authentic happiness is a confirmation of self-love.


When we say yes to our worthiness, we accept our Sacred Role in this life, our Divine purpose. We yield to an inner knowing that we are made for more. We stop fighting against our own well-being. We find the courage to reclaim our joy and freedom. We begin the life elevating process of self-acceptance. We get into agreement with God.


Worthiness will empower you to evolve daily in self-mastery and personal wholeness. You will manifest a life that mirrors your deepest desires and dreams.


We understand that being whole means we have embraced it all. We cease from fearfully searching for love and validation outside of ourselves, and we cultivate the boundless love that exists within.

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  • Karla La Shawn

    I’m on my worthiness journey. Didn’t realize how much stuff I needed to ‘unlearn’. Don’t know where I got the idea that I should just be happy with just enough…maybe false pride. I have to admit I’ve been QUITE lazy in my spiritual walk. Allowing things that God has given me power to change. Self Love has been a life long struggle but now I have a clarity unlike before.

    ✨”Living with a goal of authentic happiness is a confirmation of self-love.”✨

    Authentic happiness…not the fake smile I wear walking down the hallway at work. I wanna know what 24/7 authentic happiness feels like…or maybe it’s not a feel…its a know. Maybe I do have it…I call it joy. Even when I’m not smiling, and all you see is my RBF, I am…happy…often times just tired. But I’m happy.
    I’m finding that the more I’m true to myself, who I am, what my likes and dislikes are… I’m loving myself more. No more settling…no more “Oh…that’s ok…I’ll just take this…I don’t wanna bother nobody…even though it’s not what I REALLY wanted…

    I am WORTHY!!! Thank you Jesus💕

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