Worthiness and the POWER of Words…

If you stopped right now and asked yourself, “Where did I get my idea of self from?” Like many of us, you may determine that the voices of childhood still ring in your head as truth. Many of the words that were spoken came from those who were struggling with their own demons, worthiness and fears. These are words that distorted our well-being and sense of healthy self-esteem. 

Soul-killing words of rejection have the power to diminish our birthright of worthiness. Hurtful words can reprogram us to abandon our dreams. As adults, many of us find ourselves fighting against the tapes that were recorded on our subconscious long before we had the ability to think, discern and separate fact from fiction. In my private inner-healing clinics and workshops, I often find that many of us are still operating from the deep traumas of childhood that remain untreated and unhealed. If you grew up in an environment where there was spiritual violence in the form of diminishing words spoken over you, addiction, abuse, secrecy and control; chances are your wound produced a lie. When the wound becomes a lie, we internalize the actions of others and assign meaning and significance that does not apply. In essence, we pay debt we don’t owe and our pain becomes suffering. The journey of life gets easier when we learn to separate the wound from the lie.

We can be a mature adult physically, while internally the “tapes” that are directing our responses and reactions are the unexamined voices of a child. Healing our worthiness requires that we become radically honest about the wounds of our past but also the lies that attached themselves to the wound.

The wound has become a lie when we find ourselves miserable from the mental anguish of constantly replaying the story. Where is our enemy now? We have become him. Wallowing in old pain can serve a purpose, much like victimhood, which excuses you from showing up in your own life. We have the power to release ourselves from the mental prisons that we patrol and marshal. We are worthy of healing and restoring peace to our lives today by believing that the past does not have to define or dictate our future.


  • Thrishana

    Good morning Queen. Thank you for this. I am in the healing stage of my daddy not being in my life passed when Inwas 10 mos. Healing from my innocence taking from me a a very small child by my mama ex husband. I had not started to heal until I started listen to you and your classes. In 2016 finally got healing from my mama had many things to say but she received it but never sad sorry but it was for me.Lost my husband of 14 yrs in 2017,lost my son yo to prison in 2013.
    Dealing with in so many forms. BUT GOD… Thank you thank you so much. #workinprogress#longwaytogo

  • KarLaLa

    “These are words that distorted our well-being and sense of healthy self-esteem. ”

    I’m teary eyed at the truth this bears of my life. And now, at the tender age of 45, I am finally healing. I will never stop thanking you and also encouraging you in the ministry He has entrusted to you. Few ministries are so powerful…especially without gimmicks. Thank you for your honesty and transparency💕

    The most painful thing about verbal abuse is when I realized I continued the abuse on myself and my own children. I took someone else negative projections and made them my own. But Thank God I’m healing.

    The Hawaiian Prayer 🌺 🌸 has truly been a powerful new tool in my spiritual tool box. Its not until you force yourself to move slowly over your body loving on yourself, asking for forgiveness, making amends with yourself…that you realize how much you’ve neglected yourself.

    I broke down in the mirror as I was touching (I have training in massage therapy and RARELY use what I learned on myself), talking to and healing myself when I realized, we’ll talk to plants knowing the vibrations help it grow, we pray over our food know it cleanses it and protects us from danger. But looking at myself everyday…rarely do I remember I am made up of thousands of living breathing cells that rely on me to feed It good things mentally, physically and spiritually to grow.

    I cried when I heard my breast say ‘It makes us sad when you look at us in disgust everyday. We feel your hate for us. …and the thighs…the calves…the stomach…the stretch marks…the cellulite…etc etc ALL have been verbally abused by me. If we think lustfully of someone it’s just like we’ve done the act said Jesus. So when we think thoughts of hatred towards ourself…is it as the sin of suicide?😔

    Lord have mercy…we didn’t realize what we were doing.

    Imagine if we treated our cells, our body parts our bodies…like children. It’s sad to think that we think better thoughts toward our animals than we love our own bodies.

    Because I now understand about divine subtraction and debt cancellation, “Peter do you love me?”
    (Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for breaking that down💯),
    I am now doing my best to love the hell out of myself the beautiful way God made me 🙌🏽

    Ms Shannon Evette I pray that your home is ALWAYS permeated with the Holy Spirit’s presence and you have all the energy, wisdom and anointing you need to get all your divine assignments done,
    in Jesus’ name Amen🙌🏽🙏🏽💫✨


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